Basic Pistol Orientation

Basic Pistol Orientation

Basic Pistol Orientation

$50 per student (plus $20 range fee)

Prerequisites: None

Length of course: 3 hours


This course introduces one pistol of the students choice, preferably the students own pistol. It is not a complete pistol course but will provide the student with all the information needed to safely handle a pistol and marksmanship skills needed to shoot the pistol accurately. If the student does not own a pistol yet, a pistol can be rented for $5. The student must provide ammunition.

This is NOT an NRA-approved course.

Required Materials for students: Firearm in lockable pistol case, 50 rounds of ammo, pen and highlighter.  Firearm and ammo will be provided if student does not own one yet. DO NOT BRING FIREARMS OR AMMO TO THE CLASS!

Hearing and eye protection will be provided if needed.

Course Outline:

  • Introductions
  • Pistol Safety
  • Pistol Familiarization
  • Pistol Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Demonstration of Pistol Cleaning
  • Follow Up Training Opportunities
  • Pistol Shooting From the Standing Position
  • Final thoughts

Full Payment Including Range Fee

$50 each student (Plus $20 range fee) 

Full Payment Rainbow Shooting Range Members

$50 each student  

Deposit Now – Balance Due at Class

$40 each student – non-refundable ($30 balance due on-site)