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A Veteran Owned Business


Providing affordable, quality firearms training without the stress, anxiety, or intimidation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leader in firearms training as prescribed by the National Rifle Association. Our team will provide superior firearms training without the stress, anxiety, or intimidation that some may have with shooting any type of firearm, and then continue to provide additional training to hone your shooting skills. We intend to accomplish this by providing a comfortable learning environment, small or private group settings, and certified & caring instructors.

About Us

My name is Gary Ragat. I’ve been training friends and family how to handle all types of firearms safely and effectively for several years. During those years, it surprised me just how many people have always wanted to learn how to shoot but just didn’t know how to get started. Common reasons were fear of the firearm itself, anxiety caused by lack of knowledge of firearms, intimidation from taking lessons in large groups, and fear of hurting themselves or others. Time and time again the same reasons seem to resonate among people I meet.

I started this business in hopes of mitigating or even eliminating the reasons many never take that first step of learning how to shoot. By customizing classes to each individual, I believe anyone can learn to operate any firearm safely and effectively thereby establishing a solid foundation from which to build on. So whether your goal is to learn for self-defense, competition, or recreation, a solid foundation is paramount. Our team will work with you to achieve your goals at your pace and at your comfort level. Take the first step. Contact us. Ask questions. Then get out there and enjoy the sport of shooting.